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Why healthcare needs cloud computing

Cloud infrastructure gives unparalleled advantages to healthcare companies.

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If the primary focus of your healthcare practice is delivering high-quality patient care, then cloud computing is an essential tool for you. It is more reliable, convenient, and secure than offline solutions, which means it should be a top priority.

Easy information access

The increasing demand for doctors’ time means they have less time to review patient records. In the past, doctors had to either lug around reams of documents or spend hours at their desktop computer. But with cloud software for managing electronic medical records (EMR), doctors can conveniently access medical records from anywhere, at any time.

HIPAA compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is frustrating for medical practitioners who feel overburdened by rules and regulations. But without HIPAA, patient privacy is in jeopardy, so what can you do?

Regardless of whether you use a browser-based tool or a mobile app, cloud computing makes it easy to adapt to regulatory updates and changes. For example, if a vendor wanted to update its data encryption standards, it could do so in the cloud and the changes would automatically reflect on all accounts and devices — no new installs or configuration necessary!

Cost reduction

This type of IT also eliminates the need for onsite hardware, maintenance fees, and expensive one-time software licenses. In terms of less quantifiable cost reductions, the ability to access work from anywhere at any time boosts productivity and enables your IT department to be dramatically more efficient.


Unlike in-office computer hardware, you can scale cloud storage solutions in a matter of minutes. Beyond the benefit of organizational simplicity, just imagine how much office space you need to store five years’ worth of healthcare records. Web-based EMR software gives you more storage than you can ever need and retrieves records in mere seconds.

Better data backup and recovery

Data loss is a real problem for healthcare practices. Will your business continuity be safe if your office suddenly becomes inaccessible? Even a couple of days of downtime can have serious repercussions for your reputation. Practices that store their files in the cloud don’t have to worry about this because nearly every solution stores files in more than one location so backups can be restored quickly if anything goes wrong.

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