Strong IT is the foundation of engineering firms

Our full-stack IT services enable your team to securely share files, regardless of size, facilitating the kind of collaboration your projects need.

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Dedicated IT services, designed on demand, so you deliver on deadlines.

Resilient network infrastructure

Your designs support teams and physical structures. Your IT infrastructure needs to support that work. Your need to deliver documents and drawings on tight deadlines. You need a technology partner that can deliver as well.

As you design to ensure features that won’t fail, we design our solutions with the same value in mind. Reliability, security, and safety are hallmarks of both our industries. Both of our industries are also complex, with multiple layers.

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Your designs ensure structural integrity, our design ensures security

You take care to see that your designs provide structural integrity and keep their occupants safe. Meeting stringent regulatory compliances is just part of your job. We do the same with our network. Your documents reflect your hard work and need to be accessible, but also secure. That means we take the time to monitor and manage your IT needs so you can focus on building, both your projects and your business.

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A suite of engineering-­focused solutions

Comprehensive IT services for maximum support and security

  • Managed IT services that provide a full IT team or supplement your own.

  • Industry-leading support response times.

  • Business continuity planning with reliable backup and disaster recovery services.

  • Industry-specific implementations and consulting.

  • As-a-service virtualizations to reduce or eliminate your in-house IT expenditures — you pay only for the technology and services your firm needs.


Delivering reliability, security, and scalability is what we do best

We provide the right tools for the job

Like the foundation on a building, your business needs support. ProSource prides itself on providing the support and infrastructure businesses need to build. For your team, tools matter, not just for design, but for communication, collaboration, and meeting client and industry needs.

If you don’t have the right tools and technology, you can’t meet those demands. Let ProSource provide the technology tools you need so you can take care of the rest.

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