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Chad Holstein is promoted to Director, Security & Compliance

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We are pleased to announce the promotion of Chad Holstein to the new Director, Security and Compliance position at ProSource. Chad joined ProSource in 2019 — he started as a Solutions Engineer and then Project Manager. In this new position, Chad will guide our security strategy and ensure each decision is made with a security-first mindset.

Chad brings his extensive expertise and experience in technology and cybersecurity to his new role in the Technology and Infrastructure department. We are excited to see where he will lead the security and compliance department in his new position. He has also joined the ProSource leadership team to give valuable insight from a security and compliance perspective.

We caught up with Chad to hear in his own words why he thought this role was a great fit for him:

During my early studies of cybersecurity, I found a lot of the material had a direct correlation to my everyday life. I was already practicing things like incident response to scenarios, making backup plans, quantitative and qualitative risk analysis, et cetera — I always enjoyed diving deeper into those details. Once I realized that, it really fueled my love for security and studying it in greater depth. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity here at ProSource.

Congratulations again to Chad on his promotion. We look forward to the future with Chad in his new position.

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