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Michael Smith is promoted to Client Success Manager

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We are pleased to announce the promotion of Michael Smith to the new Client Success Manager position at ProSource. Michael joined ProSource in 2016 — he started as a Solutions Engineer I and then Solutions Engineer II. In this new position, Michael will serve as the primary point of contact for our customers and ensure our service meets their expectations.

Michael brings his extensive expertise and experience in technology and our clients’ environments to his new role in the Service Delivery department. We are excited to see how he will improve our customer experience even further.

We caught up with Michael to hear in his own words why he thought this role was a great fit for him:

I like directly interacting with people and building relationships with them. This position will allow me to do so and ensure our clients feel that they receive the highest level of support possible.

Congratulations again to Michael on his promotion. We look forward to the future with Michael in his new position.

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