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ProSource supports GreenUp Orlando in successful volunteer event at Ivanhoe Plaza Park

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[Orlando, Florida, May 24, 2023] - ProSource, a provider of technology and cybersecurity services, proudly sponsored a recent volunteer event organized by GreenUp Orlando, aimed at improving the local community and environment. The event took place on February 16th at picturesque Ivanhoe Plaza Park, bringing together a dedicated team of volunteers committed to making a positive impact.

Under the banner of corporate social responsibility, ProSource continuously seeks opportunities to contribute to the betterment of the environment and its community. Collaborating with GreenUp Orlando, part of the Parks Department of Orlando, was a natural fit for ProSource’s commitment to sustainable practices and community involvement.

The volunteer event attracted a great turnout, with over 15 individuals from various walks of life joining forces to clean up and revitalize Ivanhoe Plaza Park. Volunteers consisted of all age groups and included ProSource employees and members of the GreenUp Orlando organization.

Together, the volunteers displayed a collective enthusiasm, working diligently to remove litter, debris, and other environmental hazards from the park. Armed with gloves, trash bags, and a shared spirit of camaraderie, the participants left no stone unturned in their quest to restore the park’s natural beauty.

The event was characterized by a series of engaging activities and teamwork-driven initiatives. Volunteers worked hand in hand to clean the park’s walking trails, clear out overgrown vegetation, plant new flowers and undertake a thorough garbage collection effort. Additionally, educational sessions on environmental awareness and the importance of recycling raised consciousness about sustainable practices among participants.

“We are honored to have sponsored and participated in the GreenUp Orlando volunteer event at Ivanhoe Plaza Park,” said Lee Hart, CEO at ProSource. “As a company deeply committed to environmental stewardship and community engagement, it was gratifying to witness the power of collective action and witness the transformation of this public space. Our collaboration with GreenUp Orlando is a testament to our shared values and dedication to creating a greener future.”

ProSource extends its heartfelt gratitude to GreenUp Orlando, the volunteers, and all individuals who contributed to the success of this event. Their commitment and dedication have made a tangible difference in Ivanhoe Plaza Park, highlighting the importance of community-driven initiatives and sustainable practices.

For more information about ProSource and, please visit or contact Matthew Mulcahy at [email protected] or 888-948-7767.

About ProSource: ProSource is a leading technology and cybersecurity provider, dedicated to delivering innovative solutions and exceptional service to its clients. With a focus on healthcare, ProSource is committed to exceeding customer expectations and making a positive impact on the industry and the community.

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