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We deliver products and services tailored to promote business growth and IT goals — from cloud services to strategic advice.

Our services are specially designed for high-complexity industries like:

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Managed IT — IT experts for your IT essentials

Your IT team is your lifeline. They keep you, your customers, your employees, and your services connected. Their job, however, should be more than simply ticking tasks off a list. You need them to be reliable, experienced, and forward thinking.

Finding an experienced team to provide and protect those vital services can be difficult, so our managed services team ensures your current IT needs are met, with an eye on scalable and strategic growth.

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Standards & alignment

Whether it’s industry or internal standards, we align our solutions to deliver the reliability, performance, and results you need.

Flat-fee managed IT

Get reliable and efficient IT support for your team when they need it, without adding to headcount. With the ProSouce team you save time, money, and effort.

Monthly account management

Every client is served by both an account manager and a vCIO. Your account manager handles required or requested reporting, ticket escalation, and regular communication. In short, our clients receive a primary point of contact as well as monthly support to ensure the annual growth strategy targets are being met.

Annual growth strategy

Each year, your own vCIO will review your existing infrastructure and services and advise on improvements or modifications we can make to promote your business growth. This individual will help focus on larger business objectives and ensure the technology we use helps you get there.

Minimum security standards

When you need a scalable and secure framework to grow your business, you also need services built with security in mind. Our managed security products align with best practices and are included for all of our Managed IT customers.

Compliance-focused solutions

Our experienced team creates and delivers solutions based on the unique needs of your industry (engineering, healthcare, financial services) and its regulatory compliances.

Co-Managed IT Services, the IT team for your IT team

Already have an IT team in place but still need extra support? Whether it’s a frontline team to respond to trouble tickets and provide help desk solutions while your team works on business critical IT jobs or network and infrastructure solutions, our experts supplement your team.

From escalation to resolution, we help fill knowledge or skills gaps, saving you money.

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Fixed retainers

Whether you need extra hands for just a few hours a day, week, or month, a little help or a lot, we can do it. You set our hours, not us, keeping your costs predictable and manageable.

SLA assurance

Reliability and predictability are crucial in the IT world and they’re crucial to us as well. All of our co-managed retainers come with service level agreements ensuring we provide the IT support your business needs, at the level you need it.

Diversified skills

Skills or expertise gap? We can assist with just about every scenario. From simple help desk requests to nagging infrastructure issues, our team has the skills and expertise to step in. Our support means your IT team is never pulled from their primary mission.

Project work

Have a never-ending list for your IT team? We’re here to help. Whether it’s wrapping up a project or delivering a turnkey solution for your team to take over, short-term and long-term projects are part of our business. The work you need, when you need it, for as long as you need it.

Your top concerns become our top priorities

Technology is a tool, and in the hands of experts, it can build amazing things. But nothing is built by a single person. It takes a team and teams take the right talent. From managing your security concerns to building out a dynamic scalable system, we’re ready to help you overcome your technology obstacles.

Download our free Managed IT Guide to learn when you should partner with an IT provider to help grow your business.

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Cyber Security — security you and your customers can trust

One of your most valuable business assets is your data. If you wouldn’t leave your front doors open, you shouldn’t leave your data open either.

Our team assists in the understanding and identification of employee roles in threat and risk mitigation while our security strategies keep your system secure. Through active threat monitoring, endpoint protections, and network management, we ensure your IT infrastructure as well as the data it stores and transmits are safe.

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Password management

We’ll help you secure and encrypt the passwords you use for business applications while adhering to strict industry recommendations on password difficulty and storage.

Anti-virus and EDR

Keeping antivirus protection updated is vital to protecting your network, but so is stopping threats at the source. Through endpoint detection, we carefully monitor for threat origins and quickly respond to any threats before they spread.

Security awareness training

A culture of security and keeping your team updated on threats and their role in risk mitigation is the foundation of strong security protocols. We’ll provide training for your entire team and build your security from the ground up.

Data encryption

Keeping sensitive data safe is priority number one for you and your customers. We make sure your data is safe during transmission and storage using stringent industry standards for encryption.

Logging & auditing

Keeping logs improves your security posture. We’ll help you initiate and monitor those logs for potential threats, violations, and to help resolve potential security incidents.

Monitoring & alerting

We’ll proactively monitor and protect your network to prevent unauthorized access or other cyber threats.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Increase security across your network by controlling applications and data at the access level. MFA ensures only authorized individuals have access to your assets and that you are meeting security and compliance standards. We’ll set up an MFA application that centralizes all MFA requests creating a better user experience and simplifying the process.

The digital world can be dangerous without proper safeguards

Our solutions include everything from endpoint protection to disaster recovery. We help protect your users, your data, your network, and your peace of mind. We don’t just back up your data. We’ve also got your back with security training and threat analysis, audits, and mitigation.

Download our free Cyber Security Guide to learn more about the threat landscape and security as a service.

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Cloud Services: reliability, access, security, speed

They’re the hallmarks of a digitally driven world and should be the hallmarks of your infrastructure and services. Migrating to the cloud or hosted services can provide the quality of services your customers and internal teams need.

Whether it’s disaster recovery, application hosting, or cloud infrastructure, ProSource provides a full range of cloud services to drive your digital transformation.

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Cloud desktop

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) enables you to provide access to the applications and resources your team needs while we provide the maintenance, back-up, updates, and data storage needed to support them.

Application hosting

Software as a service (SaaS) allows you to save money on the infrastructure you need to provide access to the applications that drive your business. We host the application and provide it and the supporting hardware to seamlessly allow your team to work from anywhere while lowering your costs.

Cloud backups

Whether your cloud needs are public, private, or hybrid, we have a solution for you that includes backing up your data so it’s there in case of disaster. We assist you with your business continuity plan, ensuring you can restore critical applications and data in a timely manner.

Managed Office/Microsoft 365

When your team relies on Office 365, rely on ProSource to provide the implementation, administration and customization of your tenant. All while having access to the ProSource help desk if support is required.

Infrastructure as a Service

Staying agile and scalable is vital for your business, but investing in the infrastructure and hardware that enables these aspects is expensive. We’ll provide the infrastructure and support you need to grow, and you can keep your costs predictable and scalable.

A cloud workspace that works for you and with you

The modern digital landscape and workforce requires flexibility, mobility, and security. You need a partner who not only understands those needs but is responsive and proactive in providing them. Our low-stress philosophy means we worry about these things so you don’t have to. Instead, you can focus on critical business issues while we move and grow with you and the digital landscape, providing best-in-class service, infrastructure, and expert advice

Learn more about the cloud in our free guide, Demystifying the Cloud.

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Voice Services that keep communications mobile, open, and clear

Even in a digital world, telephony matters. Customers need to communicate with the right people at the right time, regardless of where your team is located.

Ensuring those connections are consistent, reliable, and secure is our job. PBX and VoIP services ensure you make the connections you need to keep your business responsive and mobile.

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Encrypted voice and fax

Businesses often overlook the potential for data and information leaks that occur over VoIP solutions. We don’t. We’re always on alert for ways to protect you and your business, so secure even your sensitive data via encrypted voice and fax options.

Virtual PBX

Harness the power of VoIP without investing in or hosting the hardware. We handle the security, maintenance, and updates while you reap the benefits while controlling costs.

For digital decisions, keep our IT experts in your pocket

Learning to leverage technology to support your business requires both vision and decision. Understanding the tools available and preparing to harness and integrate those tools requires experience and expertise.

With over a decade of experience in providing project and implementation support, our team offers strategic IT support to fuel future growth.

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