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The IT Double Check: What It Is and How It Can Benefit Your Business

What is the IT Double Check and how can it benefit your business? Our Director of Business Development, Matthew Mulcahy, explains.

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Hi, my name is Matt

Mulcahy and I’m the Director of Business Development at ProSource.

Today we’re going to look at our IT double-check.

The first question we always get is what is the IT double-check?

And as the name states, it’s a double check on your IT system.

We come in as an independent consultant and look at your IT practices

and standards and help you understand what your IT disposition is.

Why would you need the IT double-check?

Most companies come to us because they’re looking for IT

to provide value to the business and they want to understand where they are

in their IT journey, whether it comes to cybersecurity or compliance.

What type of clients qualify for this assessment?

Generally, we see customers between 20 and 100 employees start thinking about IT

in a more holistic way,

and wanting to take more control of that and provide value to the business.

The last question we get is what is required.

We do require the most valuable resource: time.

We require an hour from a stakeholder at the business, generally the owner

or an operations director or COO to talk about

what are the objectives of the business and how does IT relate to that.

We require about an hour from a technical stakeholder.

It could be a IT person, it could be an outsourced provider,

it could be a person wearing an IT hat that’s directly employed

to talk about the daily struggles with the environment.

And then we also require access to a machine or two and generally a server

to run some tools to gather diagnostic data.

And we don’t require any administrative permissions.

So next we’ll look at what the deliverable is at the end of all of this.

And this

takes a stoplight approach of really showing what the disposition is across

infrastructure, security, and support and services When it comes to either

your compliance framework or goals you may be trying to meet.

So in this case, this customer was looking to secure IT, not necessarily

bound by any compliance requirements, but very, very security minded.

So we aligned them to the NIST 800-171 framework and made our recommendations

based on that.

The first item is infrastructure.

This is core to keeping the business running and making sure that all

their infrastructure is resilient.

Feel free to pause the video at any time and read these dispositions.

These are all true and factual for this particular customer

and what you can expect in the double check of your own.

The next item is security.

This is why most companies come to us to ask about their cybersecurity disposition

because they don’t know where they are and they don’t know where they need to go.

So everyone’s at a different point in their

IT journey, especially the cybersecurity journey.

And we want to make sure they’re thinking

about some of the most important things that we’ve outlined here.

And then how is the company being supported,

and what services are being rendered from an IT perspective?

This is important just as a general baseline

to make sure that you have some of the most important

pieces that are delivering value to the company identified.

So what are the outcomes we’re looking for.

So we want to give you

actionable recommendations on some of the gaps that we find with you.

We also want to build your confidence

in the things that you’re doing well and spotlight

some of the things that you might not be doing well.

And last but not least, understand where your practice is adhering to IT

best practices or compliance-bound requirements and where you’re not.

So what we find is this is a great value for stakeholders

on the operations side to bring to ownership

or executive staff to say, hey, you know, we need to start taking this seriously.

Or IT directors that are trying to get initiatives off the ground and might need

that little extra push and say, hey, look, this was an independent audit.

These guys are saying we need to do what I’ve been telling you we need to do.

So if you want to reach out and connect with us, schedule your free

IT assessment — your IT double-check — look at the info

in the detailed description below and feel free to drop us a line.

Thanks so much and thanks for watching.

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