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VMware Horizon: Access QuickBooks Desktop with VMware Horizon Client

Wonder how you can access your Hosted QuickBooks Desktop instance in our Cloud Desktop? Matthew, our Director of Business Development, will help walk you through this simple process!

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My name is Matt Mulcahy,

I am the Director of Business Development

at ProSource Family of Companies.

Today, we’re going to walk through how you

access your Cloud Desktop

using the VMware Horizon client.

First things first, you want to

double-click and open the client.

This client is compatible with

Windows, Mac, and mobile devices,

ensuring a consistent user experience

across multiple device types.

The first thing you want to do

is click the cloud,

which connects you to the server,

and authenticate with your unique

username and password.

The first thing you’ll notice

is you’ll be prompted for a secondary

authentication method

which is an included security benefit

with all of our Cloud Services.

But we do prefer that clients use the

Push method by entering the number 1

and hitting enter.

But you can also opt for a phone call,

which will provide a code,

and a text code as well.

But for today’s demo, we’re going to look

at the DUO Push functionality.

So, I’ve entered the number 1 here,

and I’m hitting login.

What you see is

me being prompted on my cellphone

to approve the login request.

I’m going to do that by

hitting the green check mark,

which then launches my cloud workspace.

From here, we can access the full desktop

on the left.

If I needed just the access

to an application, that’s these tiles

here as well, and this can be customized


dependent on the applications

running in your Cloud.

But for today’s demo, I’m going to

double-click my cloud desktop

on the far left.

And that will launch me into my

Windows environment.

From here, I can access all of my

line-of-business applications,

such as QuickBooks,

as well as my financial data,

which is stored in the Cloud.

This allows for seamless access to your

business data, as well as applications

from anywhere in the world!

From here, it’s working in the QuickBooks

I know and love,

and very familiar and fast.

To find out more, please contact

a representative at ProSource!

Thanks, and have a great day!

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