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VMware Horizon: Accessing QuickBooks Desktop with a Web Browser

Need to access QuickBooks Desktop in the cloud but don’t have VMware Horizon Client on your computer? No problem! Matthew, our Director of Business Development, will help show you how to access your Cloud Desktop from a web browser.

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This is Matthew Mulcahy, and I am the

Director of Business Development

at ProSource Family of Companies.

Today, we’re going to walk through

accessing your secure Cloud Workspace

over a web browser.

First things first,

you’ll need to navigate to:

And select the

VMware Horizon HTML Access option.

From here, you log in with your

unique username and password.

This is the same username and password

that you would use on the VMware client

if you had the software installed

on your machine.

And you also have to walk

through the same Duo process

to authenticate your identity.

Here, I am selecting the Duo Push method.

You can also opt for a phone call

or SMS text message

to receive a code to verify your identity.

What you’re seeing here is me

walking through and approving

that is is me requesting access

to the cloud on my mobile device.

And it brings me to my Cloud Workspace.

From here, I can access the full desktop

or a standalone application.

For the sake of the demo today,

I’m going to open QuickBooks,

and see how I can run QuickBooks

from my web browser.

This is great for instances where

you do not have the VMware software

installed on the machine,

or you need access in a pinch,

to your secure financial information.

All of this is encrypted

within the browser,

so it is secure to the data center.

From here,

you can close this little window.

And I can work seamlessly

within a web window

and access and run my application.

So, great for access in a snap,

and you can flip between your apps

or your full cloud desktop

at the click of a button.

So, I selected my VDI,

which is my Cloud Desktop.

And it logs me straight in.

So if I needed to access

files, applications, my Office suite —

anything I need access to —

is available to me over a web browser

as a fallback,

as most of our clients do prefer

to use the (VMware) Client

as their primary access method.

Just a great feature of VMware Horizon,

and another easy way

to access your cloud workspace.

To find out more,

email [email protected].

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