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VMware Horizon: Configuring Your VDI Display Settings

While VMware Horizon’s default full-screen mode might be beneficial for some users, it may disrupt the workflow you want. In this quick video, John will demonstrate how you can change the display settings to fit your needs.

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Customers love the flexibility that VMware Horizon

gives them to move their entire workflow into the cloud.

When connecting to the full remote desktop experience, VMware

Horizon automatically enters fullscreen mode.

This is useful when using the

hosted desktop as your workspace,

versus a split environment where some things are done in the cloud

and others locally on your machine.

But some customers want to be able to swap back and

forth between the cloud and their local machine.

They might find the automatic

fullscreen irritating.

To turn this feature off,

let’s go into my VMware Horizon Client settings.

And you’ll notice here I’m already connected

to the VMware Horizon server.

You’ll want to be connected to your

server before you can change these settings.

If you’re not sure how you can access your server, we

have a video, which I’ll link in the description below.

In this settings panel, you’ll notice in the sidebar that I have selected

the VDI, which I’m currently connected to,

which is this “Demo VDI” here.

Under the “Display” setting, let’s change the dropdown from “All Monitors”

to something else, like “Window - Small.”

We can also change

the resolution of the remote desktop window.

I’m going to choose 1280 x 720,

which is standard HD resolution,

but you can choose whatever you want to fit your needs.

I’m also going to leave the scaling alone.

We’ll let VMware Horizon Client automatically

choose the best scaling for us.

I’m going to hit “Apply” to save these changes

and then hit “Ok.”

Now when we connect to the full desktop,

the remote desktop window will be scaled to

the resolution I selected.

I can also drag and resize this window to take

up as much or as little space as I need on my display.

And that’s how easy it is to change your

VMware Horizon Client display settings.

For more VMware Horizon tips, check out our VMware Horizon playlist.

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