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VMware Horizon: Connecting to the VDI on a Tablet

One of the best features of VMware Horizon is the ability to work anytime and anywhere. In this video, we’ll demonstrate how easy it is to connect to a VDI from a tablet. It’s a great way to be productive — whether you’re in the office or on the go.

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One of

the biggest reasons customers love our virtual desktop

solution is the flexibility to work anytime and anywhere.

VMware Horizon works well on your computer, laptop,

web browser, and mobile devices.

It’s a great way to be productive whether you’re in the office,

at home, or at the local coffee shop.

In this video, I’ll walk through connecting to the VDI from an iPad.

It’s worth

noting that I am using a wireless mouse and keyboard paired over Bluetooth.

If you’re primarily working from a mobile device like this, we recommend a similar

setup to get the best experience in the VMware Horizon Client.

To get started, download the VMware

Horizon Client from the App Store or Google Play Store.

I’ll provide links to both the description below, but

you can also search VMware Horizon Client and it should be the top result.

I’ve already downloaded the

Horizon Client on my iPad, so I’m going to go ahead and launch it.

The first time you launch the app,

it’s going to ask for a server address and description.

In the server address field I’m going to enter

In the description field I’ll type “ProSource VDI” —

but you can enter whatever you’d like.

And once I’ve done that, I’ll hit enter.

Now I have the server saved here

in the servers tab at the bottom here.

Let’s go ahead and click it to connect to the VMware Horizon server.

I’m going to enter my credentials and then hit Enter.

Next, I need to provide a secondary authentication step.

We provide DUO 2FA for all VDI customers,

which is what’s prompting me now for the second authentication step.

We recommend choosing the first option,

which will send a push notification to your smartphone, but the other options

for an SMS text code or a phone call are also available to you as well.

So I’ve entered

the number “1” here and I’m hitting enter and this will send the push notification

prompt to my cellphone.

If you haven’t

seen this 2FA step in more detail, we have a couple of videos on it.

I’ll have the link for one of those videos in the description below.

And so that’s it.

I am now connected to the VMware Horizon server.

From here I can launch the full desktop experience and use all of my business

applications from my tablet — just like I would from a laptop or desktop.

Whether you’re on the go or

just finalizing a few quick things from the living room couch, VMware

Horizon gives you the option to securely work anytime and anywhere.

For more information, visit our website or check out our VMware Horizon playlist.

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