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VMware Horizon: Installing the VMware Horizon Client on Windows

It’s a breeze to install the VMware Horizon Client on your Windows workstation. In this short video we’ll show you how.

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Hey there, I’m John,

and I’m the Content Strategist

at ProSource.

Today, we’re going to quickly walk through

installing the VMware Horizon Client

on Windows.

This app is also compatible

with Mac and mobile devices.

If you have macOS,

we’ll have a separate video for that.

You can check the link in the description

to find that video.

For now, let’s just get started

with installing the VMware Horizon Client

on Windows.

To get started,

we’ll go to our connection server URL,

which is

And we’ll hit

the ‘Install VMware Horizon Client’ link.

And it’s going to take a couple of seconds

for it to download here,

so we’ll just stand by while it downloads.

Once it’s downloaded,

we’ll go ahead and open the file here.

And it’s going to prompt me to install.

I’m going to hit ‘Yes.’

Here’s where we can make life

a little easier for ourselves.

If we hit ‘Customize Installation,’

we can enter

the default connection server URL.

Companies can have

their own customized ones, or —

the default,

which is —

same (URL) to grab the installer.

We’ll go ahead and ‘Agree & Install’ there

So we’ll hit finish.

And it’s going to ask us to restart.

This is an important step,

make sure you do that.

I’m going to go ahead and do that,

and I’ll be right back.

So once we’ve restarted,

I’ve opened the app here,

and we have the default connection server

that we entered in

when we customized the installation.

I’m going to go ahead and double-click

and open it.

And we’re prompted

for a username and password

and then you’ll log in like normal.

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