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VMware Horizon: Resetting Your VDI Password & Enrolling in Our Password Reset Tool

In this video, we’ll walk through two ways to reset your VDI password. We’ll also be showing you how to enroll in our self-service Password Reset Tool.

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In today’s video, I’m going

to walk through two different methods to change your VDI password.

The first method is actually within the VDI itself.

As you can see, I’m already logged in to the VDI,

and all I have to do is simply press the “Send Ctrl+Alt+Delete”

button here

and choose “Change a password.”

Now I enter my old password

into the “Old password” field

and I’m going to choose a new password.

Generally, we follow the Microsoft guidelines for creating strong passwords.

I have an article,

which I’ll link in the description below — but here are some of the highlights.

A strong password has at least 12 characters, but 14 or more is better.

It’s a combination of uppercase letters,

lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

It’s not a word that can be found in a dictionary

or the name of a person, character, product, or organization.

And it’s significantly different from your previous passwords.

So with all that said, I’m going to go ahead

and choose a new password that follows these guidelines,

and then I’m going to go ahead and confirm that password.

And that’s it!

The password is now changed.

Now that we’ve changed our password, I actually need to log off the server

and disconnect, and then I can reconnect using my new password.

So I’m going to go ahead and do that.

Alright, so I’m now reconnecting

and I’m going to enter my new password here.

And this here is our two-factor authentication (2FA) step.

If you haven’t seen this in more detail, we have a video, which I’ll link

down in the description below.

But I’m hitting a “1” here, and this will send a 2FA

prompt to my cellphone, which I just approved.

And that’s it — that was my new password.

So I can just go in and use the full desktop as usual.

And that’s it.

It’s simple as that!

We also provide a secondary method

to change your password for all of our customers.

And this can be used

if you accidentally get locked out of your account from failed password attempts.

You can also change it

from this interface as well, and it will sync back to your VDI.

So I’m going to go ahead and walk through that with you as well.

So this is our password reset tool and you can visit it

by going to “”

I’ll make sure to leave a link in the video description down below.

We actually recommend enrolling in the password

reset tool as soon as you get your VDI account.

This way you can reset your password 24 hours a day and in case

you’re locked out, you can reset it using security questions or DUO authentication.

So I’m going to type in my work email into this “Login” field.

And if you don’t know

what that is, it’s the email associated with your VDI account.

So now I’m entering my password here and then I’m going to hit “Login.”

And I’m being prompted to enroll in self-service.

So let’s go ahead and do that here.

We’re going to get set up with DUO Security first,

but we’ll come back to do the security questions.

So I’m going to begin

the setup process and I’m going to enter my mobile phone number.

I think this is the easiest method, so I’m going to go ahead and type

my phone number here.

And it’s going to ask to confirm.

This is where you can hit

“Text me” and it will send a verification code.

You can also “Call [me]” and get a verification code that way as well.

I’ll type in that code that I just got texted.

So now it’s going to ask your preferred DUO behavior.

You can have it prompt you to make a decision every single time

you log in. But I’m

actually going to change the dropdown to have a default to a DUO push.

So I just changed that and then I’m going to hit “Continue to Login.”

Now I can send a push

and then I’ll approve it.

And now we’ve completed enrollment.

Now let’s

go ahead and set up security questions that can also be used as a backup method.

So you can choose different questions here.

I’m going to go ahead and choose some and then provide my answers.

You’ll be asked to confirm each answer before you can submit.

This is to make sure that you don’t accidentally have typos.

So now I’ve

completed setting up my security questions.

So now any time I need to change a password,

I can come to this “Change a Password” section and type in the old password

— just like we did when resetting in the VDI.

And then I can type in a new password and change it from this interface.

You can also use the DUO and security question backup

in case you get locked out of your account.

And that’s how easy it is to get set up in our password reset

tool and change the password in your VDI.

For more VMware Horizon tips, visit our website or check out

our VMware Horizon playlist.

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