We are Driven.

Meet the team that provides the ability to design, develop, and implement the solutions that help our clients thrive.

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We understand the technological landscape. You understand your business. That means while we’ve got a clear view of the digital future and how to get there, it’s not enough. We need to understand what you see on the horizon. We listen to you and we speak your language. We’ll skip the jargon and get straight to solutions.

No matter your unique challenges, ProSource thinks outside of the box with your best interests in mind. We act as your champion, advocating for the best solutions that align with your unique goals. Our proactive approach offers full service solutions, so we can become your trusted partner in the capacity that fits you best.

Our mission: Enable you to maximize the return on IT investments.

Our Process

Our process helps crystalize your vision. Our first question: What do you want the future of your business to look like? Then, we plan how to build that future with you every step of the way and turn it into a reality.

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Say “Hello!”

Our first step to supporting your success with solutions is getting to know youspecifically, the challenges your business is facing right now. Once we understand your obstacles and business model, we look at your end goals.

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In order to know where we are going, we have to know where to start. Based on your current business needs and priorities, we collaborate with your team to create a go-forward plan that aligns with the future you want.

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Go time! Together, we align your business with the right technology strategies to ensure we move forward fast, achieving your end goals and supercharging your business for sustainable growth.

Your Dedicated IT Team

Headshot of Leon Hart.
Leon Hart

President & CEO

Headshot of Tyler DeVan.
Tyler DeVan

Director, Technology & Infrastructure

Headshot of Matthew Mulcahy.
Matthew Mulcahy

Director, Business Development

Headshot of David Crane.
David Crane

Service Desk Manager

Headshot of John Eatmon.
John Eatmon

Content Strategist

Headshot of Conner Hart.
Conner Hart

Solutions Engineer I

Headshot of Jackie Hart.
Jackie Hart

Human Resources

Headshot of Chad Holstein.
Chad Holstein

Project Manager

Headshot of Jover Mills.
Jover Mills

Service Desk Coordinator

Headshot of Shannon Rhoads.
Shannon Rhoads

Executive Assistant

Headshot of Jacob Schmoll.
Jacob Schmoll

Solutions Engineer II

Headshot of Michael Smith.
Michael Smith

Solutions Engineer II